There are two main organizations that authorized for purposes related to Air Traffic Services. Here we introduced them:

Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company

Civil Aviation Technology College       

Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company

 Safe and Secure operation, management, maintenance and development of airports, air navigation systems and air traffic management in Iranian airspace based on national and international regulations and standards governing continuation of providing optimum service, are carrying out by Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company.

     Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company which is one of the main companies of the Ministry of Roads & Urban Development was established in 1991 and in 2003, its statute was modified by cabinet and so organized to continue its activities in the framework of a Holding Company.

 It includes:

  • 114 ATS Routes with the total length of 75000 KM in Iranian Air Space (FIR),
  • Equipped Area Control Center (Tehran ACC),
  • 25 Remote communications Air Ground (RCAG) Stations connected to Tehran ACC,
  • 54 Operational Airports including: 20 Domestic Airports  25 Custom Airports and 9 International Airports using about 16 million square meters of passengers terminals, runways and maneuvering areas, airports buildings and about 9 million Square Meters of access roads, green areas, Parking lots and other spaces.
  • 59 NDB, 46 VOR/DVOR, 81 DME, 23 ILS and 22 PSR and MSSR and Communication, control screening and inspection equipment and 370 x-ray facilities, 362 Gateway facilities, 690 metal detector tools and fire fighting and rescue vehicles together with experts and experienced human resources are constructing the infrastructure of Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company.

Civil Aviation Technology College

Established in 1950, Civil Aviation Technology College is the pioneering center in the field of civil aviation Training. The College conducts its training programs in line with rules & regulations of Iranian Ministry of Higher Education and also requirements of aviation industry. Currently the college offers training at both associate and undergraduate level in the fields of Air-traffic control, Aircraft Maintenance, Electronic and Telecommunication. In addition, specialized short- term courses accredited by Iranian Civil Aviation Organization are also being offered in this college.


1. Participating in training the required specialized manpower in aviation industry
2. Proper preparation for satisfying technical and higher education needs in the above mentioned fields
3. Taking advantage of the present potential capacities of Iran to develop and expand aviation technology


  1. Providing the required facilities for the realization of the college objectives.
  2. Cooperating with educational and research centers active in aviation and airport fields to take advantage of their experience and specialty.
  3. Admitting and training students in the related majors of aviation technology, licensed by Higher Education Development Council.
  4. Publishing journals, scientific books, educational booklets, producing software and computer programs appropriate to the college objectives, according to the related standards and regulations.
  5. Holding scientific conferences and providing the scientific achievements of the college in the form of workshops, regarding the related standards and regulations.