A consultant provides a fresh set of eyes. We are not part of the “company culture” and provide an unbiased view of your operation. And because we visit many operators, we can provide you with ideas that your employees may never come up with.
Another benefit of a consultant is saving time. Quality aviation employees are hard to come by with our current rate of industry growth. By using us, your staffs are able to focus on their primary tasks; and you get the most qualified people working on your special projects.

Our first mission is to provide a fit solution for your request and also develop Iran’s market by introducing new players with high-quality products and services. Therefore we are trying to keep our prices as low as possible.
Employees are generally busy just keeping up with their regular jobs; leaving no room to improve your operation. Improving the operation can come by way of enhanced efficiency, improvements to safety, and an increase in quality; retaining existing customers and driving growth. By spending a little, you can actually gain a lot – or at least protect yourself from losses.

Absolutely, many of our most successful endeavors have been the ideas of customers. We will prepare a complete outline for your custom solution and navigate the project with you.

The Iran aviation industry has not been developed yet. Various obstacles such as low-tech equipment and high-average-aged aircraft have obliged the Iran aviation market to hire non-local companies specially expertized in the IT area and software providers to fill these gaps between Iran and international markets. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most fascinating in the region with notable market opportunities.

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