To provide a professional service for our customers, SCD AERO services are defined into two main branches.


Binalood Services:

This is a particular service for Iranian companies that intend to present their product or services in or outside of Iran. This part is covered in the Farsi version of this website.


Alborz Services:

This service is defined for non-Iranian companies that intend to present their product and services in Iran. This service is exhibited here in detail as follows.

Analyzing Iran's Market

Thanks to the vast and unique market data and industry-leading expertise, SCD offers an in-depth analysis of air passenger and air cargo markets considering business policies and scope of work. Our experts leverage their privileged resources to help address and inform a broad range of aviation market industry questions. ​With a tailored Market Analysis, the SCD consulting team will help you understand important market gaps and industry characteristics that are critical for sound business decisions.​​​​


Assistance And Consultant

For innovative services and products, our team will guide you to acquire necessary licenses, certificates and approvals from the local aviation authority (Iran Civil Aviation Authority).

Purposive And Efficient Marketing

Of course, we all have to do the best we can with the resources we have. So this involves extensive regional know-how to present and keep your product, service or brand top of mind over the long haul, considering differences between aviation marketing to others, such as specialized vocabulary and culture, more complex transactions, and longer sales cycles.
Our services in this part include a wide range of dissemination and communication channels from key contacts within airlines to promotion activities in aviation expos.

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SCD AERO ALBORZ provides a variety of solutions and legal procedures to finance and facilitate banking transactions.
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Tax And Accounting

Planning for tax has become increasingly challenging and more complex for companies. With our tax consulting experience, SCD tax professionals can help your business address those challenges of multijurisdictional tax operations, compliance, reporting risk management for direct and indirect taxes.
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Office registration

We provide solutions to open new branches or offices in Iran to facilitate your business. Based on the business portfolio, establishing an office in Iran may speed up the implementation and adoption as well as decrease various cost factors.
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Our team provides consulting services related to credit operations, such as letters of credit to support business integrity.
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Iran Market has its special risks to enter which might be unique in compare to global market especially due to US sanctions against Iran. Our experts interpreted the sanction red lines for aviation industry. They will draw a specific guide line for your business to keep your precious services safe while doing business in Iran. For each risk related to your business, we will identify, analyze, evaluate and minimize the uncertainties in every aspect in a continuous process.
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Assistance and Consulting

Our consulting team with deep understanding of the Iranian market and active airlines in the industry can guide you in every single step of your business to flourish your services and products in this market. The SCD consulting team will keep you away from all possible and unnecessary hassles and help you to focus on the core value of the service in the new market.
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Iran has its own legal requirements which to some extent are different from the rest of the world. SCD is ready to consult you for legal and statutory assistance and walk you through all required legal steps and enable you to make the right decisions to eliminate local legal consequences.
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The SCD AERO team is ready to utilize expertise to secure your company rights in doing business in Iran. Contract drafting, reviewing and finalizing ensure you have efficient agreement within a new emerging market.