Iran has a rapidly growing aviation industry, and aircraft maintenance is essential to keeping the industry safe and efficient. Maintenance service providers are companies that specialize in the repair and maintenance of aircraft. In Iran, several such companies offer top-notch services to the aviation industry.

The Iranian government has been actively working to improve the aviation industry’s safety and efficiency, and maintenance service providers play a critical role in achieving this goal. As the aviation industry in Iran continues to grow, the demand for maintenance services will continue to increase. Therefore, maintenance service providers in Iran must continue to invest in their facilities and workforce to meet the growing demand.

Last Update January 2022
NOOrganisationApproval Refrence NumberRegional OfficeFirst Issue
1Iran AirIR.145.01TEHRAN08-May-14
2Kish AirIR.145.02TEHRAN01-May-13
4Iran Helicopter Co.IR.145.04TEHRAN16-Mar-13
6Iran AirtourIR.145.06TEHRAN01-Jul-13
8Taban AirlinesIR.145.08TEHRAN11-Nov-13
10Iran Aseman AirlinesIR.145.10TEHRAN26-Aug-13
11Aram Azmoon Technical ServiceIR.145.11TEHRAN12-Nov-13
12Meraj AirlineIR.145.12TEHRAN12-Nov-13
13Atrak AirlineIR.145.13TEHRAN12-Nov-13
14Karun AirlinesIR.145.14TEHRAN25-Nov-13
15TARA Helicopter Co.IR.145.15TEHRAN17-May-14
16PARS Aviation Service CompanyIR.145.16TEHRAN30-Dec-13
17Qeshm AirIR.145.17TEHRAN22-Dec-13
18ATA AirlineIR.145.18TEHRAN05-Jan-15
19SAHA (IACI)IR.145.19TEHRAN02-Mar-14
20Zagros AirlineIR.145.20TEHRAN21-Feb-14
22Navid Helicopter Co.IR.145.22TEHRAN29-Aug-14
23Heli Aria KishIR.145.23TEHRAN15-Jun-14
25Caspian AirlineIR.145.25TEHRAN13-Aug-14
27Parsis KishIR.145.27TEHRAN15-Nov-14
28Shahin BallIR.145.28TEHRAN05-Dec-14
30Sepehr SamanIR.145.30TEHRAN29-Apr-17
31GMF AeroAsiaIR.145.31JAKARTA07-Jul-15
32Aras TechIR.145.32TEHRAN20-Sep-15
35Arta KishIR.145.35TEHRAN24-Jan-16
39Silk Way TechnicsIR.145.39Baku - Azerbaijan03-Jul-16
40Onurair TechnicsIR.145.40Istanbul - Turkey25-Jun-16
41Tehran AirlineIR.145.41TEHRAN03-Jul-16
42AeroTechnic BGIR.145.42SOFIA - Bulgaria27-Jul-16
43Aseman Parvaz Parsine Koush Ltd.IR.145.43Mehrshahr - karaj15-Nov-16
44Atlas Khomein Kish Air Service Co.IR.145.44Mehrshahr - karaj05-Dec-16
45Simorgh Aviation Maintenance Development Co.IR.145.45TEHRAN06-Dec-16
46HAITEC Aircraft Maintenance GmbHIR.145.46Hahn Airport- Germany01-Jan-17
47Diba Energy Pegah Co.IR.145.47TEHRAN20-Jan-17
48Saaha AirlinesIR.145.48TEHRAN06-Feb-17
49Sahand Asia AirlinesIR.145.49TEHRAN08-May-17
51Guangzhou Hangxin Avionics Co. LtdIR.145.51Guangzhou - China10-Sep-17
52VALLAIR IndustryIR.145.52Mauguio- France01-Dec-17
53Pars Golden SkyIR.145.53TEHRAN08-May-19
54Taftan AirlinesIR.145.54TEHRAN04-Feb-18
55Pars Oghyanous Kish Co.(Pars Air)IR.145.55TEHRAN09-Dec-18
56Royaye Parvaz CompanyIR.145.56TEHRAN17-Mar-18
57AVA Salamat Helicopter CompanyIR.145.57TEHRAN17-Mar-18
58NEW EAS(EAS SERVICE)IR.145.58Perginant, FRANCE19-Mar-18
59Gulf Helicopters CompanyIR.145.59Doha - Qatar16-Apr-18
60Sayal Niroo KishIR.145.60Kish Island23-Jun-18
61Vista TurbineIR.145.61TEHRAN07-Jul-18
62Faraz Gostar QoqnoosIR.145.62TEHRAN15-Jul-18
63Aram Banan AsemanIR.145.63TEHRAN28-Aug-18
65Islamic Republic Hangar (IRH)IR.145.65TEHRAN14-Aug-18
66Sepehr Ashiyan AbiIR.145.66TEHRAN04-Sep-18
67Servo Hydraulic PouyaIR.145.67TEHRAN04-Sep-18
68Varesh AirlinesIR.145.68TEHRAN12-Sep-18
69Meshkin Part KishIR.145.69TEHRAN08-Oct-18
70Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Co.(HESA)IR.145.70TEHRAN23-Oct-18

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One such company is Aseman Airlines Technical and Engineering Services Company, ATESCO. Founded in 1993, ATESCO has become a leading provider of maintenance services in Iran. The company’s services include heavy maintenance, line maintenance, engine overhaul, and avionics maintenance. ATESCO’s state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained technicians ensure that aircraft are maintained to the highest standards. Another notable maintenance service provider in Iran is Iran Air Maintenance and Engineering Company (IAMECO). Founded in 1962, IAMECO has provided maintenance services to Iran’s aviation industry for over half a century. The company’s services include airframe, engine, and avionics maintenance. IAMECO also offers a range of training programs for technicians and engineers to keep their skills up to date with the latest industry standards. In addition to these companies, there are many other maintenance service providers in Iran, including Payam Aviation Services Company, Taban Air Maintenance, Engineering Company, and Iran Airtour Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Company. Maintenance service providers in Iran are vital to the country’s aviation industry’s success. Companies like ATESCO and IAMECO provide top-quality maintenance services that ensure aircraft are safe and efficient. As the aviation industry grows in Iran, the demand for maintenance services will continue to increase. Companies must continue to invest in their facilities and workforce to meet this demand.